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Takes control of the Deucalion?(Second time)Kiddy Grade
Orphanage where Johan breifly stayed?Monster
Home of the Hollow?Bleach
What country is the anime set in?El Cazador de la Bruja
What does Tucker create?Fullmetal Alchemist
Gutarist of Blast?Nana
Bassist of Trapnest?Nana
Gutarist of Trapnest?Nana
Revy's nickname?Black Lagoon
Lead singer of Blast?Nana
Where does Altena and Chloe live?Noir
Number of Court Guard Squads?Bleach
Name of Van's bete noire? Gun Sword
Ed's entire name?Cowboy Bebop
What did Aizen want from Rukia's body?Bleach
What did Ayu lose?Kanon
Who kills Frieza?Dragonball Z
Bassist of Blast?Nana
Name of the empiress of Chinese Federation?Code Geass
Who killed Mireille Bouquet's family?Noir
What special ability does Goku use to defeat Majin Buu?Dargonball Z
Takes control of the Deucalion?(First time)Kiddy Grade
Drummer of Blast?Nana
Name of the organization who fights the angels?Neon Genesis Evangelion
What did Yuichi take care of as a child?Kanon
Hospitol where Tenma once worked at?Monster
Who are the only two survivers on Earth after Majin Buu's attack?Dragonball Z
Name the school Negi teaches at?Negima!?
Lead singer is Trapnest?Nana
Place where Rigaldo is killed?Claymore
Name of Balalaika's crime faction?Black Lagoon
What type of doctor was Tenma? Monster
Total number of Claymore?Claymore
What does Eda secretly work for?Black Lagoon
Drummer of Trapnest?Nana
Miharu's home planet?Girls Bravo
What does Li Xingke pilot?Code Geass
Place where Lelouch's identity is revealed?Code Geass
Original name of Blast?Nana
Name of Japan under Britiania rule?Code Geass

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