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Can you name the Tube stations from these anagrams?

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AnagramReal nameTube line
Castrate AngelCentral
A Retard CottonmouthCentral / Northern
Queerer ElasticsNorthern / Piccadilly
Prerecord HankyPiccadilly
Frog InnardCircle / H&C / Metropolitan
Snowmobile ThudNorthern
Burst RacoonPiccadilly
Swearword EthanolBakerloo
Primo UrinalsMetropolitan / Piccadilly
Browny HelmetBakerloo
Queer SpankBakerloo
Tall Man WatchtowersVictoria
Emu SprintDistrict
AnagramReal nameTube line
Wet MashDistrict / H&C / Jubilee
Quaint SidewayDLR
Pig PawnEast London
Blood RendingJubilee / Northern
This Hungry & BoilingVictoria
Internal PukePiccadily
Wifely StenchNorthern
Bawdier AnalogyCentral / District
Wobbly EmbryoDistrict / H&C
Newt ArresterNorthern / Victoria
Shown KittenNorthern
Otter BendsCentral / Jubilee

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