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Amount of time to not become 'just friends' with Elliot
The sandwhich J.D tells 'his old lady' to eat before she dies
The reason for stalling on a patient in need when J.D, Turk and Elliot are all on ther own
'Which apparently is half ****, half resident...'
Sean's 'date' after Elliot blows him off near the beginning of season 3
In one episode the Janitor takes up three extra personalities, this one is British
How many John Dorian Chief Resident business cards does J.D make?
'As for my family, we do it with...'
Dr. cox's ambulance partner has which baseball card of her son's?
The Janitor's brian trust turned acapella band
In My Quarentine, J.D gets crazy with lies to Kylie, this one about a certain hobby
J.D's potential cereal name
Sad song playing at the end of My Jiggly Ball
What does J.D break in his head of Dr. Hedrick's when he gets angry?
What animal does J.D ride to plan his career and consider to for soul searching?
What hits Dr. Cox's foot to make him walk with a cane like House?
What does Private Danser gets wrongly treated when the doctors are too busy arguing?
How much money does J.D pay for an appletini that was frankly light on the 'tini?

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