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GroupMistakeWho are They
Cluedo, Risk, chess, Cage
candy, lollipop, mango, juice
Jordan, Yemen, Egypt, Afghanistan
Luzon, Sicily, South Island, Kilimanjaro
monster, architect, archer, soldier
Japanese, Cantonese, Angola, Finnish
Freetown, gadget, phenomenon, disease
robot, doorknob, yo-yo, top
Manhattan, the Bronx, Cincinnati, Staten Island
iPad, PSP, curtain, computer
Sarajevo, Manila, Johannesburg, Jerusalem
Nova Scotia, Ontario, Calgary, Quebec
Santa Claus, Jesus, George Washington, Osama bin Laden
Songkhla, Cartagena, Liechtenstein, Fukushima
Pennsylvania, England, Maryland, Vermont
GroupMistakeWho are They
+ (plus), - (minus), x (multiply), ' (apostrophe) (Names only!)
Mongolia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Montenegro
Facebook, Sporcle, Monaco, Tumblr
Halifax, Mexico City, Tashkent, Xi'an
piano, frog, chimpanzee, mudskipper
Camarines Sur, Davao del Norte, Tibet, Quezon
salmon, jellyfish, shark, mackerel
15, 21, 54, 39
ovary, urethra, pork, testis
N'Djamena, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia
underestimated, pattern, counterclockwise, northeastern
New Zealand, South Africa, Philippines, Indonesia
Guinea, Ghana, Guyana, Gambia
Articuno, Arceus, Ho-oh, Abomasnow

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