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CluePlayerYears Played for Chargers
Drafted #5 overall in 1990, Future HOF LB1990-2002
Drafted #5 overall in 2001, Future HOF RB2001-present
Drafted #5 overall in 2002, Solid starting CB2002-present
Drafted #5 overall in 1983, 2-time 2nd team all-afc, 1 time 2nd team all-nfl, 26.5 career sacks1983-1992
The only QB to bring the Chargers to the Super Bowl (so far)1992-1997
HOF QB, 9th all time in passing yards1973-1987
QB 19th all time in yards, 16th in TDs1962-1972
HOF QB, 11th all time yards, 7th in TDs1973
HOF TE, his son thinks he is a 'soldier'1979-1987
Possible future HOF TE, didn't play football in college2003-present
CluePlayerYears Played for Chargers
HOF WR, nicknamed 'Bambi'1962-1970
HOF WR, Had all time receiving yards record prior to Steve Largent1976-1985
41st pick in 1993 draft, leading rusher for San Diego 1994 Super Bowl season1993-1995, 1998-89
#2 overall pick in 1998. Possibly worst pick ever.1998-2000
#12 overall pick in 2005. LB who may or may not have beaten up a porn/reality star.2005-present
15th overall pick in 1988. 52nd all time in receiving yards, 48th in receiving touchdowns. 5 pro bowls.1988-1993
TE for the 1994 super bowl season. Played college ball at Weber State. His #86 jersey was a popular seller, probably based on his somewhat humorous last name.1992-97, 99
CB #22 overall pick in 1993. 3rd all time in punt return yards, had a TD return in the Chargers lone Super Bowl.1993-96
98th all time in rushing yards, 3rd in 1990 with 12251989-93
Lef the 1999 team with 365 yards rushing. Had 368 more yards in 2000, then never played again.1999-2000

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