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Can you name the following people and/or things with the initials S.M.?

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Rebel Without a Cause co-star
Wild and crazy SNL alum
Oscar-winng Best Picture of 2008
American Beauty director
Canadian singer; Lileth Fair co-founder
Family Guy creator
Warren Beatty's sister
Ted Danson role from 1982-1993
Chubby little rascal of the Our Gang series
Columbus ship of 1492
$ amount associated with Steve Austin
The Great Escape actor; Ali's ex
Current SNL Weekend Update host
English fashion designer; Paul's daughter
Open-air shopping center
Mel Brooks film with one word of dialogue
Maternal uncle of Disney's Donald
Alternative to whole, 2%, or lowfat
CBS news magazine with stopwatch theme
Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton flick
2000 comedy-parody of slasher films

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