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Episode NumberNameHint
Season 1 Episode 1'Have You Met Ted'
Season 1 Episode 2Kid In A Crane Machine
Season 1 Episode 3'We could have licked the Liberty Bell'
Season 1 Episode 4'She knows Krav Maga, how cool is that'
Season 1 Episode 5'I'd Take a P in the gutter over Julia Roberts anyday'
Season 1 Episode 6The Hanging Chad
Season 1 Episode 7'Meet the girl of your dreams, nail her and never call her again'
Season 1 Episode 8My fiance ran me through with a broadsword'
Season 1 Episode 9Lily gets arrested for public Urination
Season 1 Episode 10The Red Dragon Shots
Season 1 Episode 11New Year with 'Moby'
Season 1 Episode 12Stuart & Claudia get married
Season 1 Episode 13'Hello Buttercup, I'm Lando Calrissian'
Season 1 Episode 14'I want to know you, like know your soul'
Season 1 Episode 15Marshgammon and the Re-return
Season 1 Episode 16Super Important Dessert Scholarship
Season 1 Episode 17Marshall gets training from Barney, Steak Sauce
Season 1 Episode 18Remember the time Lily kicked Korean Elvis In the Nards
Season 1 Episode 19LAMAs with a prostitute
Season 1 Episode 20The 88 are playing at a high school
Season 1 Episode 21'I dont want perfect, I want Robin'
Season 1 Episode 22'I'm gonna make it rain'
Season 2 Episode 1Robin & Ted take care or Marshall
Season 2 Episode 2Barney Takes Marshall to a College Bar
Season 2 Episode 3Robin Meets Teds Parents
Season 2 Episode 4Ted appears to sleep with a kickboxer
Season 2 Episode 5Lily Stays at Barneys
Season 2 Episode 6Lily Steals a baseball signed 3 times by Pete Rose
Season 2 Episode 7Marshall dates a girl with 'crazy eyes'
Season 2 Episode 8Lily & Marshall attempt to get married
Season 2 Episode 9'I Bet Robin done Porn- wait for it -Ography'
Season 2 Episode 10Barneys Gay, black Half-brother visits
Season 2 Episode 11Ted calls Lily a Grinch
Season 2 Episode 12Gang reminisces about their first time
Season 2 Episode 13Hammond Druthers annoys Ted
Season 2 Episode 14Super Bowl delayed due to a funeral
Season 2 Episode 15Ted is late for a flight to chicago
Season 2 Episode 16The Second Slap after barneys play
Season 2 Episode 17500 miles, marshalls car brakes
Season 2 Episode 18Barneys steals Teds truck
Season 2 Episode 19Robin gets lily an 'Battery Powered, Adult recreational Fake Penis'
Season 2 Episode 20Barneys on The Price is Right
Season 2 Episode 21Lily And Marshall Get Married
Season 2 Episode 22Ted And Robin Break Up
Season 3 Episode 1Robin dates Gael, Ted Grows a Beard
Season 3 Episode 2Ted And Barney pretend to be Foreigners
Season 3 Episode 3Ted Rides the Tricycle, or does he
Season 3 Episode 4Robin breaks up with a kindergarten boy
Season 3 Episode 5'Someday the name Blah Blah will be up in Lights'
Season 3 Episode 6Ted Mosby, Pornstar
Season 3 Episode 7Lily and Marshall buy an Apartment
Season 3 Episode 8Everyone has something annoying that they do
Season 3 Episode 9Slap number 3 on Thanksgiving
Season 3 Episode 10Barney struggles to talk to Heidi Klum
Season 3 Episode 11Dont Date someone you see daily
Season 3 Episode 12St Patrick's Day where Ted gets punched
Season 3 Episode 13Ted goes on a two minute date with Stella
Season 3 Episode 14Barney trys to find out why he always gets slapped
Season 3 Episode 15Arthur shouts and Marshall cries
Season 3 Episode 16Robin Sparkles 2
Season 3 Episode 17Ted finds out about Barney and Robin on his birthday
Season 3 Episode 18Ted tries to help Randy find a girl
Episode NumberNameHint
Season 3 Episode 19Lily tries to sell her paintings to a vet
Season 3 Episode 20Teds in a car crash
Season 4 Episode 1Barney tells Lily that he loves Robin
Season 4 Episode 2Marshall on a search for a green door with a red neon sign
Season 4 Episode 3Hang out in the best bar in New Jersey
Season 4 Episode 4Lily has a fake accent, robin has a spray tan
Season 4 Episode 5Ted and Stella Take over a wedding
Season 4 Episode 6Ted hides from stella at a restaurant
Season 4 Episode 7Barney makes up a holiday for non parents
Season 4 Episode 8The gang go the bar giddy ups
Season 4 Episode 9Ted and Barney strip to sleep with women
Season 4 Episode 10Ted gets knocked out by Doug
Season 4 Episode 11Marshall shows robin a bar that reminds him of home
Season 4 Episode 12Ted and Robin have sex to avoid fighting
Season 4 Episode 133 stories including a brass band and Puzzles.
Season 4 Episode 14Robin makes a video CV to avoid deportation
Season 4 Episode 15Barney has a secret family to show his mom.
Season 4 Episode 16Ted tells everyone about Karen coming back
Season 4 Episode 17Ted finds out Lily has broken up his relationships
Season 4 Episode 18Gang tries to guess Canadian sex acts that robin done
Season 4 Episode 19'Im too old for this stuff'
Season 4 Episode 20Robin sleeps with Teds new assistant PJ.
Season 4 Episode 21Ted decides to text a girl before three days
Season 4 Episode 22Ted bumps into stella and tony
Season 4 Episode 23Ted gets tony and stella back together
Season 4 Episode 24The gang want on the hot tub on the next building
Season 5 Episode 1Ted finds out he is in the wrong class
Season 5 Episode 2Stripper Lily Appears
Season 5 Episode 3Ted teaches Barney about Robin
Season 5 Episode 4Ted picks up a girl but she sleeps on his couch instead
Season 5 Episode 5Robin becomes canadian and american
Season 5 Episode 6The old couple in the floor above keep having sex
Season 5 Episode 7Lily tries to break up Robin and Barney
Season 5 Episode 8The scuba diver and the Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Season 5 Episode 9Lilys dad comes over for thanksgiving
Season 5 Episode 10The ultimate girl next door is available
Season 5 Episode 11The gang stops smoking on the roof
Season 5 Episode 12'Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit'
Season 5 Episode 13Marshall tells stories about his funny workmate
Season 5 Episode 14Barney gets interviewed by Jim Nantz
Season 5 Episode 15Robin either loves or hates her workmate Don
Season 5 Episode 16'I dont want to be with you..... right now'
Season 5 Episode 17Jennifer Lopez hits on Barney
Season 5 Episode 18'Name that Bitch' at Lilys Birthday
Season 5 Episode 19Marshall gets mugged by a monkey
Season 5 Episode 20Ted buys a house after a wedding
Season 5 Episode 21Marshall and Lily get single beds to sleep better
Season 5 Episode 22Mexican wrestler Ted appears
Season 5 Episode 23'No can doosville babydoll'
Season 5 Episode 24Lily is finally ready for kids when she sees barney
Season 6 Episode 1Bring a book to a bar means shes on a date
Season 6 Episode 2James meets his dad
Season 6 Episode 3Barneys always gets the yes
Season 6 Episode 4Five different ways of getting across manhatten
Season 6 Episode 5Ted meets Zooey outside the Arcadian
Season 6 Episode 6Marshall eats pickled herring to get a boy
Season 6 Episode 7Marshall doesnt want to fire a co-worker but finally gives in
Season 6 Episode 8Everyone goes to the museum and Ted gets bugged
Season 6 Episode 9Space Teens
Season 6 Episode 10Thanksgiving with the Blitz
Season 6 Episode 11Marshall worries that robin isn't a manatee
Season 6 Episode 12Watch Its a wonderful life with christmas themed snack
Episode NumberNameHint
Season 6 Episode 13Show counts down from 50 in the background
Season 6 Episode 14'Rent Crocodile Dundee 3'
Season 6 Episode 15Katy Perry guest appears
Season 6 Episode 16February 13th for barney
Season 6 Episode 17Marshall focuses on the environment after watching TV
Season 6 Episode 18Barney on a date with nora
Season 6 Episode 19Barney meets his dad
Season 6 Episode 20Barney tries to blow up a sandwich
Season 6 Episode 21Crazy Jerry comes on a night out with Barney
Season 6 Episode 22Robin and Lily get marshall and barney drunk
Season 6 Episode 23The hearing on the fate of the Arcadian
Season 6 Episode 24Barney meets nora again as ted destroys arcadian
Season 7 Episode 1The disastrous wedding of Punchy
Season 7 Episode 2Marshall becomes beercules
Season 7 Episode 3Barney loses a bet and has to wear marshalls tie
Season 7 Episode 4Robin attends therapy after assaulting someone for barney
Season 7 Episode 5Ted takes an Intro class to see his building
Season 7 Episode 6Ted doesnt want to know about a girl he is dating
Season 7 Episode 7James thinks Nora is similar to his mom
Season 7 Episode 8The hanging chad finds his love
Season 7 Episode 9Talks about the hurricane to Kevin
Season 7 Episode 10Barney breaks up with nora but robin doesnt
Season 7 Episode 11Ted and Barney have a baby
Season 7 Episode 12Ted cheers robin up with lights
Season 7 Episode 13Marshall listens to football with dad
Season 7 Episode 14Gang invites stripper lily to join a night out
Season 7 Episode 15Lilys house party with her dad
Season 7 Episode 16The last train from manhatten
Season 7 Episode 17Ted learns of marshall and lilys long term bets
Season 7 Episode 18Barney becomes infatuated with Quinn
Season 7 Episode 19Ted promises not to relay Quinns profession
Season 7 Episode 20Watching Star Wars every three years
Season 7 Episode 21Robin lands a helicopter and becomes famous
Season 7 Episode 22Barney becomes unhappy with Quinn being a stripper
Season 7 Episode 23Lily goes into Labour while marshall is drunk
Season 7 Episode 24Barney proposes to Quinn
Season 8 Episode 1Ted convinces Victoria to leave a note before running away
Season 8 Episode 2Autumn of break ups claims first victim
Season 8 Episode 3Mickey agrees to take care of Marvin
Season 8 Episode 4Game show to decide who can look after marvin if they die
Season 8 Episode 5Barney finds Brover and Ted misses sign with Victoria
Season 8 Episode 6Lily and Marshall tries to keep nick and robin from breaking up
Season 8 Episode 7Ted proves he isnt a piggyback stamper
Season 8 Episode 8Brad and Marshalls court appearance
Season 8 Episode 9Robin wants barney, he invents bro-bibs
Season 8 Episode 10Robin tries to break Patrice and Barney up
Season 8 Episode 11Barney Jinx swears with Ted
Season 8 Episode 12Barney proposes to robin
Season 8 Episode 13Ted and Lily fight to be Primary wedding planner
Season 8 Episode 14Robin realizes she has now become invisible to men
Season 8 Episode 15'Robin Sparkles 3 yall'
Season 8 Episode 16Jeanette barricades herself in Teds room
Season 8 Episode 17Lily steals an item from The Captain
Season 8 Episode 18Barney runs plays through Ted
Season 8 Episode 19Robin tries to get Barney to leave his apartment
Season 8 Episode 20Ted contemplates going to robots vs wrestlers
Season 8 Episode 21The captain tells lily he is moving to Italy
Season 8 Episode 22Ted and Marshall kidnap Barney for his bachelor party
Season 8 Episode 23Robin looks for a locket at the carousel.
Season 8 Episode 24Meeting the Mother

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