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a vent in the earth's crust through which lava, steam, and ashes are expelled
an area of land completely surrounded by water
an arid area with little or no vegetation
a narrow waterway connecting two bodies of water
a huge mass of moving ice
a group of many islands
an elevated area of land with a pointed or rounded top, higher than a hill
a low wetland that supports grass and trees
a body of water with land on all sides
a fertile place in a desert where there is some water and vegetation
a piece of land surrounded by water on three sides
a lowland between two hills
a large body of water extending into a land mass
land formed by sediment deposited at the end of a river
beginning of a river
end of a river or place where the river deposits its water
stream which deposits into a river
a large high level area that is raised above the surrounding land
cliff or sheer drop over which water cascades
a ring shaped coral reef
an area of water seperated by the sea by low sandy dunes
a deep valley with steep sides caused by passage of a river over many years
land along the edge of an ocean, sea, or other body of water
an expanse of sand along a shore
an isolated hill with steep, often vertical, sides and a relatively flat top

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