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I am...Band/Artist
My first album is named after the first two digit number. I got in a large dispute with ticketmaster in the 90s and the guitarist of my band is named after a rock.
I made the chronic, I discovered artists like Eminem, and you can trust me, I am a doctor.
I mix genres of funk, rock, and rap. Our first guitarist died of an overdose. That same guitarist taught bass to my trumpet playing bassist named after an insect.
My lead singer has the same last name as a biker and a astronaut, my first successful album had a cartoon album cover, and I welcomed people to paradise on two separate albums.
I have a lead singer with a very high voice, my most popular song is named after my band name, and my most popular album had a picture of two girls with their heads on fire.
I am a creep, I have three albums on Rolling Stone's Top 500 albums, and I say okay to computers.
I have been spending most of my life living in the gangster's paradise.
Some consider me a grunge band. When I first started out my lead singer had hair, but there is no hair there anymore. My most popular albums have titles about twins and sadness.
I am...Band/Artist
I am fat and skinny at the same time and I am a funk soul brother.
I was the first band to...nevermind.
I don't practice santeria, I have a dog in my band named lou dog, and I had three albums before my lead singer died of an overdose.
I am not a tree but a shrub. My lead singer is now married to the lead singer of No Doubt, and I think having a mechanical head is better than the rest.
My birth name is James Todd Smith, I can't live without my radio, and the ladies love me.
I wrote the South Park theme song, contrary to popular belief my name is not Mudd, and I have toured with Rush, U2, Anthrax, and Public Enemy.
My members have nick names like 'Dexter' and 'Noodles', and my symbol consists of a skull on fire.

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