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'We're going to Candy Mountain.'47,252,302
'Angels sang in an immaculate chorus. Down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris.' (lyrics)4,366,134+
'...such as South Africa and Iraq such as...'41,625,861
'One: cut a hole in a box. Two: put your junk in that box. Three: make her open the box.' (lyrics)2,427,279+
'Are you the kind of person that just loves meat but is always on the go?'39,740,210
'I'm a gummybear.' (lyrics)56,912,677
'Snape...Snape...Severus Snape.' (lyrics)79,453,645
'Not Funny. Not Funny.'11,433,976
'I can't wait 'til 2008. Baby you're the best candidate.' (lyrics)17,454,332
'You wanna know what it's called? It's called 'YES!''5,554,135
'Bubbles! Bubbles! Look what I can do!' (lyrics)63,366,455
'I kill you!'110,947,600
'I think you have too many shoes.' (lyrics)35,021,665
'Ouch! Ouch Charlie!'183,103,437
'Say it publicly and you're insane.' (lyrics)50,461,272
'If he gonna come in here, he's gonna kick my ask.'6,218,397
'My mom found this really cool pool at the dump.'40,395,219
'I like rusty spoons. I like to touch them.'5,867,461

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