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Definitionlatin termsextra info
'for this purpose'solution to a specific problem (usually a committee)
'friend of the courtalso known as _____ (1st word) brief by volunteer who offers insight to the law being applied in particular case
'by the fact'type of segregation
'concering the law'type of segregation
'after the facttype of laws banned by Constitution (Article I Section 9)
'you have the body'petition to challenge the authority of jail or prison to continue to hold (incarcerate) him or her
'at the threshold'motion made prior to trial for a judge to rule whether evidence is admissible/inadmissible
Definitionlatin termsextra info
'in the matter of'regards to; Gault
'guilty mind'one element that makes certain act a crime
'i do not wish to contend'no disagreement with the charges brought
'by the court' defining the decision of a court as a whole where no judge is identified as the author of the opinion
'for oneself'defendant speaks as his/her own attorney
'maintain what has been decided and do not alter what has been established'legal precedent that many members of the court follow (constructionist view)

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