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Issue at the Seventh Ecumenical Council
Issue at the Third Ecumenical Council
Patriarch is of the ______________
____________ helped Christianity flourish in the first century by giving peace & freedom to move about
Athenagorus wrote ____________________
King's Crusade: King of France
Justin Martyr presented Christ as ________
Who was the key figure in spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles
___________ is the primary motivation for the crusades was the Crusades
Apostolic origin, Universal reception & Consistency of doctrine is the tests for
Constantine issued the Edict of Milan which stopped ______________
Tertulliam is known as Father of
What was the main the issue that was at the first church council in Acts 15:1-29
King's Crusade: King of England
King's Crusade: King of Germany
Who called for the first Crusade?
____________ was a pivotal moment in Christianity
Pope is of the ______________
____________ is known for his allegorical approach to Scripture
This type of Inquisition was confession of sins and forgiveness
Issue at the Second Ecumenical Council
Jesus taught a great deal about the ____________
Before to 250 AD, persecution of Christians was _________
This type of Inquisition used torture for confession
Issue at the Fifth Ecumenical Council
Jesus did not employ the _____________ of man in his teachings
Issue at the First Ecumenical Council
Issue at the Sixth Ecumenical Council
Issue at the Fourth Ecumenical Council
__________ was a special court to deal with heresy

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