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Issue at the Second Ecumenical Council
Patriarch is of the ______________
King's Crusade: King of Germany
Pope is of the ______________
__________ was a special court to deal with heresy
____________ was a pivotal moment in Christianity
Issue at the Fifth Ecumenical Council
Issue at the Fourth Ecumenical Council
Who called for the first Crusade?
Tertulliam is known as Father of
Issue at the Third Ecumenical Council
___________ is the primary motivation for the crusades was the Crusades
Who was the key figure in spreading the Gospel to the Gentiles
Jesus did not employ the _____________ of man in his teachings
Issue at the Seventh Ecumenical Council
Before to 250 AD, persecution of Christians was _________
Athenagorus wrote ____________________
____________ helped Christianity flourish in the first century by giving peace & freedom to move about
This type of Inquisition used torture for confession
____________ is known for his allegorical approach to Scripture
This type of Inquisition was confession of sins and forgiveness
Constantine issued the Edict of Milan which stopped ______________
Apostolic origin, Universal reception & Consistency of doctrine is the tests for
Issue at the First Ecumenical Council
King's Crusade: King of England
Justin Martyr presented Christ as ________
King's Crusade: King of France
Issue at the Sixth Ecumenical Council
Jesus taught a great deal about the ____________
What was the main the issue that was at the first church council in Acts 15:1-29

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