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Can you name the Chick Flicks beginning with the letter 'S'?

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Lead Actresses/ActorsMovie
Susan Sarandon/Julia Roberts
Meryl Streep/ Kevin Kline
Missy Peregrym/ Jeff Bridges/ Vanessa Lengies
Gwenyth Paltrow/ Joseph Fiennes
Reese Witherspoon/ Josh Lucas
Jennifer Aniston/ Jason Bateman
Whoopi Goldberg/ Maggie Smith
Amanda Bynes/ Channing Tatum
Molly Ringwald/ Anthony Michael Hall
Alexis Bledel/ Amber Tamblyn
Diane Keaton/ Jack Nicholson
Daryl Hannah/ Tom Hanks
Karen Lynn Gorney/ John Travolta
Ginnifer Goodwin/ Kate Hudson
Demi Moore/ Rob Lowe
Lead Actresses/ActorsMovie
Rachel Lee Cook/ Freddie Prinze Jr.
Tea Leoni/ Adam Sandler
Sarah Jessica Parker/ Kim Cattrall
Ione Skye/ John Cusack
Shirley MacLaine/ Sally Field
Audrey Hepburn/ Humphrey Bogart
Amanda Bynes/ Matt Long
Julia Stiles/ Sean Patrick Thomas
Meg Ryan/ Tom Hanks
Jenna Dewan-Tatum/ Channing Tatum
Emma Thompson/ Kate Winslet
Julie Andrews/ Christopher Plummer
Cameron Diaz/ Christina Applegate
Kate Beckinsale/ John Cusack
Mandy Moore/ Jena Malone/ Macaulay Culkin

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