It's Not A Curse Word!

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Can you name the words based on the clues that are NOT swears, OK?, so stop worrying?

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Letter Pattern of Non-Curse WordIt's NOT An Expletive!A Clue for a Normal Word, See?
S**TAn Edinburgh citizen, e.g.
S**TEject saliva
B***HPartner of the Sundance Kid
B***HMiami or Venice, e.g.
B**C*Sea bordering Turkey, Bulgaria, & Ukraine
B*T**Wand used by a conductor
S**TTo arrange
SH**What a captain goes down with
SH**An old woman once lived here
F**KUtensil with tines
F**KMusic by Woody Guthrie, or tale like 'Paul Bunyan'
B***HType of stone, or control
F**KWhat Chaka Khan is the queen of
B*T**Main character of 'Psycho'
N****RThree or twenty-four, e.g.
M**********RAccidental murder
B***HObject used to paint, or groom hair
B***HA group of something, normally cookies
SH**Some do it until they drop
B**C*The third little pig's medium
N****RSugary liquid produced by plants
F*C*A plane surface on a 3-D object
SH**Previous home of the New York Mets
S**TWhat Lot's wife turned into
B**C*Lee or Wayne
M**********ROne who lives in Iowa or Nebraska
FU**Highest mountain in Japan
F*C*'As a matter of ______'
S**TFollows 'hot' & 'driver's'

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