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Can you name the true facts about teeth from the lies?

Updated Aug 10, 2013

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StatementTooth (T) Or Fiction (F)?
Dental Floss is a town in Pennsylvania
Women brush their teeth more often than men
During a post-game interview, then Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace thanked Jesus for still having his teeth
September 20th is a national holiday in China celebrating teeth
There were 46 cases in 2012 of people swallowing toothbrushes
Koalas' teeth are yellow when clean
'Dirty Tooth' is a game available in the XBOX Live arcade, in which a tooth must avoid getting hit by toothbrushes & floss
Ke$ha has made a bra & earrings out of her fans' teeth
7% of dentist visits are because of floss stuck in between teeth
There is a French theme park called 'Tooth World', featuring the rides 'Tooth Trampoline,' & the 'Brush of Doom'
Men smile 8 times a day on average, while children smile 400 times per day
Justin Bieber's baby teeth sold for $8,250 at an auction
The Hungarian word for 'tooth' is 'horn'
'Rotting Teeth' is the name of a Crayola crayon color
Welshman Arthur Thomas has made a fully-functioning piano out of teeth, strings, & glue
In Middle Age Germany, kissing a donkey was thought of as a way to cure toothaches
The first toothbrush bristles were made from pigs' neck hair
The enamel on the surface of your tooth is the hardest part of the body
34 year-old Adrian, MO resident Lenny Bagwell's baby teeth have not fallen out yet
The Akron Toothbrushes are the name of a AA baseball team

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