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Can you name the true facts about teeth from the lies?

Featured Aug 10, 2013

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StatementTooth (T) Or Fiction (F)?
The first toothbrush bristles were made from pigs' neck hair
In Middle Age Germany, kissing a donkey was thought of as a way to cure toothaches
The enamel on the surface of your tooth is the hardest part of the body
There is a French theme park called 'Tooth World', featuring the rides 'Tooth Trampoline,' & the 'Brush of Doom'
There were 46 cases in 2012 of people swallowing toothbrushes
Dental Floss is a town in Pennsylvania
Welshman Arthur Thomas has made a fully-functioning piano out of teeth, strings, & glue
'Dirty Tooth' is a game available in the XBOX Live arcade, in which a tooth must avoid getting hit by toothbrushes & floss
During a post-game interview, then Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace thanked Jesus for still having his teeth
Ke$ha has made a bra & earrings out of her fans' teeth
Koalas' teeth are yellow when clean
7% of dentist visits are because of floss stuck in between teeth
Men smile 8 times a day on average, while children smile 400 times per day
34 year-old Adrian, MO resident Lenny Bagwell's baby teeth have not fallen out yet
The Akron Toothbrushes are the name of a AA baseball team
Justin Bieber's baby teeth sold for $8,250 at an auction
Women brush their teeth more often than men
September 20th is a national holiday in China celebrating teeth
The Hungarian word for 'tooth' is 'horn'
'Rotting Teeth' is the name of a Crayola crayon color

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