One Hit Wonder or No Hit Blunder?

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Can you decide if each of the following band names have had either one U.S. Billboard Top 40 hit, or are just a fake band name?

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Band NameYes (Y) or No (N)Top 40 Hit
The Hollywood Argyles
Ozzie and the Dentists
The Murmaids
2 in a Room
3rd Bass
Campaign Rex
Raccoon Rod and the Foresters
Peach Union
Spicy K and His Trumpet Gang
Sporty Thievez
The Otters
Gunhill Road
Incidental Conglomeration
Unit 4 + 2
The Washers
504 Boyz
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Love and Rockets
Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers
5000 Volts
Needed by Dusk
Get Wet
Electronic Past
The Stupors
Bubble Puppy
Yes 4 Life
Amazing Rhythm Aces
The Road Apples
Band NameYes (Y) or No (N)Top 40 Hit
Jeb Hooligan and His Rascals
The T-Bones
The Icicle Works
Scary Lies
Orange 105
The Whistlers
Crazy Elephant
Turkey Liberty
Billy Joe and The Checkmates
Whispering Truth
Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen
Assembled Multitude
The Carefrees
Fishing for Rent
The System
The Operations
Cosmo Ship
The Blueberry Kisses
Dump the Robot
The Buoys
Fist of Love
Distant Vibrations
Werewolf Boyz
The Kash Men
Scritti Politti
The Vapors
The Balloon Farm
The Shells
Galaxia Revolution
Quasimodo and the Heartstrings

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