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The AA Reading Phillies' mascot is the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor.
Pitcher Bill Voiselle wore the number 96 because he grew up in the town of Ninety Six, SC.
No one had an RBI in the 1968 MLB All-Star Game.
Mort Peffelson, first baseman for the Chicago Orphans from 1899-1902, weighed 503 lbs.
Former Red Sox pitcher Clarence Blethen got bit in the butt by his false teeth while sliding in to second base in 1923.
In 1905, Reds outfielder Jack McCarthy threw out 3 runners at home plate in the same inning.
Outfielder Oscar Fullerson played on 5 different World Series teams in a row.
The Los Angeles Dodgers (then known as the Brooklyn Bridegrooms), had an almost 4-season home-run drought from 1889-1893.
On the AA Altoona Curve's 2002 roster, there were a player named Paul Revere. On the current roster, there is a Ben Franklin.
The first designated hitter's initals were DH (Dan Hayes).
Warren Spahn retired with 363 wins & 363 hits.
Robin Williams was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in 1970.
Pinch hitter Eddie Gaedel wore the number '1/8'.
Former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Ken Ash won a game in 1 pitch in 1930.
The Orioles 2nd park, Lloyd Street Grounds, had a wall at 605 feet.
In 1912, Washington pitcher Edward Monroe threw 2 strikeouts against the Naps, was traded to the Naps in that inning, & then threw 3 strikeouts for them.
The Toronto Blue Jays have no retired numbers.
Nintendo owns the Seattle Mariners.
There is an A team named the Tempe Disco Knights.
In 1957, the Dodgers & Cubs traded their minor league teams' entire 25-man rosters.

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