Cheesy Puns...Literally!

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Can you name the cheese that can fill in the blank in these puns?

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Thanks to pigheaded1 for the 'cheesy zombie' pun!
We think the cheese lover is correct, but we ____ if he's right.
He doesn't want to clean up after he eats his cheese, so he eats it ____.
When asked if Mr. Santorum should run for the Republican nomination, the cheese lover said, '____.'
When the cheese lover found a man unconscious on the beach, he yelled, '____ know CPR?'
While the man was eating cheese in the park, he saw some hungry birds, so he ____ few.
While the man was eating cheese, his son asked him, 'What are ogres & dragons?' He replied, '____'
When there were various cheeses in the refrigerator, the kid would ____ all alone.
A cheesy zombie ordered a sandwich with arms & legs sticking out of it. It was called a _____
I used to work as a cheesemonger, but I ____ it any longer!
The cheese lover had the perfect opportunity, but he ____ it.
Before the French cheese lover went to sleep, he said, '____ night'
A cheese manufacturer located on the coastline was called 'Ocean ____.'
He went on a cheese diet in order to ____ few pounds.

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