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Can you name the people with alliterative names from these alliterative clues?

Updated Aug 29, 2016

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Clever CluesAlliterative Answer
Missouri miscreant, bank bandit, Ford finished
Cartoon character, Puff's pupil, Patrick's pal
Austrian Archduke, awful assassination, didn't duck
Dublin dude, nifty novelist, famous Finnegans
Friendly foodie, celebrity chef, meals in minutes
Proficient president, goaded Gorbachev, also actor
Tenacious twin, Plastics pretender, Herbie's handler
Magnificent mime, silent sort, 'bip' bopped
Super singer, Houston's (ex)husband, prevalent prerogative
Cartoon character, steered steamboat, Minnie's man
Distinguished detective, Hammett's hero, Falcon finder
Heavyweight hero, Louisville lip, a.k.a 'Ali'
American actress, divorced DiMaggio, married Miller
Spanish superstar, cultivated cubism, glorious 'guitar'
Cartoon caveman, yells 'Yabba, dabba doo!'

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