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one direction facts
boxing fan
the oldest
zayne's middle name
niall's birthday
niall's fav movie
number of band members
the youngest
'their' tv
niall's middle name
liam's birthday
harry's fav bands
left hander
number of louis's sister
Louis fav band
harry's dream job
niall's fav color
duet questioning
liam's fav color
zayne's birthday
the band's firstbig hit song
louis' middle name
carrot lover
one direction facts
all members live only 100 yards from this place
niall's 'mascot'
liam girlfriend's name
louis' audition song
cant swim
liam's middle name
harry's middle name
niall's audition song
who passed their driver's test
zayne's fav song
liam's last name
harry's last name
louis's birthday
same middle name
zayne's fav book
niall's last name
zayne's last name
harry's birthday
marly and me cryer
louis' last name
one direction's 'manager'

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