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A collection of Persian poems by Oman Kahyyam.
Muslim mystic during the 15th century; played down the importance of ritual differences between Hinduism and Islam.
Orthodox scholars within Islam; opposed non-Muslim scientific thinks.
Trading empire which centered on Malacca.
Great Mongol war commander.
A group that supplanted the Buyids.
Most powerful of the trading states on north coast Java; converted to Islam adn served as point dissemination to other ports.
Turkic slaves who defeated the Mongols and then ruled Egypt.
Successor of al-Mahdi.
Wandering mystics who sought a personal union with Allah.
Third ruler of Delhi Sultanate Empire; gave Muslims reputation for intolerance and aggression.
Muslim leader in the last decades of the 12 th century; reconquered most of the crusader outposts for Islam.
The successor of Harun al-rashid, who won the first civil war.
A regional splinter dynasty in Persia who invaded the heartland of Abbasid dynasty and captured Baghdad.
Lengthy epic poem by Firdawsi.
a trading city whose small trading empires replaced the falling Shrivijaya empire.
Burning of widows on the same funeral pyres as their deceased husbands.
Descendant of Guptas in India; brirfly constructed a loose empire in northern India between 616 and 657 CE.
Series of military invasions initially launched by Christians to free the holy lands from the Muslims.
A tale which immortalized Harun's court.
The twin emblems of women's increasing subjugation to men and confinement to the home in the Abbasid era.
Person who developed a classifying scheme: animals, vegetables, minerals.

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