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Lengthy epic poem by Firdawsi.
The twin emblems of women's increasing subjugation to men and confinement to the home in the Abbasid era.
Great Mongol war commander.
Trading empire which centered on Malacca.
Person who developed a classifying scheme: animals, vegetables, minerals.
Turkic slaves who defeated the Mongols and then ruled Egypt.
Muslim mystic during the 15th century; played down the importance of ritual differences between Hinduism and Islam.
A collection of Persian poems by Oman Kahyyam.
Muslim leader in the last decades of the 12 th century; reconquered most of the crusader outposts for Islam.
Wandering mystics who sought a personal union with Allah.
A regional splinter dynasty in Persia who invaded the heartland of Abbasid dynasty and captured Baghdad.
a trading city whose small trading empires replaced the falling Shrivijaya empire.
A group that supplanted the Buyids.
Descendant of Guptas in India; brirfly constructed a loose empire in northern India between 616 and 657 CE.
Orthodox scholars within Islam; opposed non-Muslim scientific thinks.
Successor of al-Mahdi.
A tale which immortalized Harun's court.
The successor of Harun al-rashid, who won the first civil war.
Third ruler of Delhi Sultanate Empire; gave Muslims reputation for intolerance and aggression.
Series of military invasions initially launched by Christians to free the holy lands from the Muslims.
Most powerful of the trading states on north coast Java; converted to Islam adn served as point dissemination to other ports.
Burning of widows on the same funeral pyres as their deceased husbands.

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