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The battle in which Husayn was killed.
Muhammad's wife.
Sphere circle of women in a polygamous household.
Ali's second son; killed in the battle of Karbola.
Reports if statements or actions of Muhammad.
Political center of Umayyads after assasination of Uthman.
'People of the Book'.
Grandson of former Umayyad caliph who fled to spain and founded a caliphate.
One of the five pillars of Islam; pilgrimage to Mecca.
Members of a Christian sect who were taxed heavily by the Byzantines and rallied to the Arabs.
Non-muslims captured in slave-raids in east Africa.
The house of god.
The victory of Abbasids over Umayyads; resulted in conquest of Syria and capture of Umayyad capital.
Areas in deserts with under ground water supplies; later developed into large trading centers.
Nomadic culture developed over the centuries, based on camel and goat herding.
Groups of kin-related Bedouin herders.
Holy wars launched to forcibly spread Islam.
The clan which founded the city of Mecca.
Muslim converts
Tax on non-Muslims
Cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad; the fourth 'rightly guided Caliph'.
Party which traced back to Muhammad's uncle, Al-Abbas; an Islamic dynasty.
The third caliph who was assassinated.
The defeat of rival prophets and some of the larger clans.
Political and religious successor of Muhammad.
Leader of a clan.
The Bedouin tribe which included the Umayyads.
Community of faithful, which transcended the old tribal boundaries.
A frankish leader who stopped the expanding of Umayyad into Europe.
Two branches of Islam.
Sailing vessels with lateen sails.
One of the five pillars of Islam; donate to charities.
The prophet and creator of Islam.
A town north of Mecca; so called Yathrib.
Chief administrator and head of the caliph's inner council.

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