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MaterialsObtained by...
 Putting 3 papers in a crafting table
 Killing cows
 Killing sheep/crafting it from 3 string
 Crafting it from sugar cane
 Mining it on any elevation
 Trading with villagers/ mining in in Extreme Hills Biomes
 Finding them on grass/snow blocks. They can save you from endermen attacks
 Killing skeletons
 Breaking glowstone/killing witches
 Killing chicken
 Destroying snow blocks/killing snow golems
 Mining it underground. It is not used for armor
 Placing a bone in a crafting table
 Mining it underground. Relatively rare, and is not used for armor
 Mining it very deep in the ground
 Right-clicking cows
MaterialsObtained by...
 Harvesting the plant that grows next to water.
 Harvesting the plant which is grown from seeds
 Killing creepers/ghasts/witches/trading with villagers
 Killing endermen
 Putting 3 sugar canes in a crafting table
 Waiting for chickens to drop them
 Putting sugar, a brown mushroom, and something spiders drop in a crafting table
 Smelting wood
 Crafting it with two wooden planks/killing witches
 Mining clay blocks
 Digging up gravel
 Arranging 8 gold nuggets and a carrot in a crafting table
 Breaking tall grass
 Killing spiders. Can be used in certain potions
 Killing slimes
 Killing spiders. Used for a bow

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