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DescriptionImportant Person from Greek MythParents
Woman whose face launched a thousand shipsZeus and Leda
Goes on from Troy to found the Roman raceAnchises and Aphrodite
Fell in love with Narcissus and wasted awayUnknown
Died when he flew too close to the sunDaedalus
Buries her brother against her uncle's wishesOedipus and Jocasta
50 girls who killed their husbands/cousinsDanaus
Bound to a wheel of fire for attempting to rape HeraPhlegyas and Perimele
Turned into a laurel tree, spurned ApolloPeneus and Gaia
Built the labyrinthEupalamus and Alcippe
Personification of EarthChaos
Achilles' war prize taken from him by AgamemnonBrises
First wife of HeraclesCreon
Goddess of the dawn, fell in love with TithonusUranus and Gaia
Goddess of the HuntZeus and Leto
Killed, had his shoulder eaten by Demeter, resurrectedTantalus and Clytia
Killed her husband when he returned from war with CassandraTyndareus and Leda
Brothers of Helen, Dioscuri: 2 peopleZeus/Tyndareus and Leda
Prophetess no one will believePriam and Hecuba
Amazon queen who was killed by AchillesAres and Otrere
Lyre player, went to the Underworld to fetch his loverOeagrus and Calliope
Wove a shroud to deceive suitorsIcarius and Periboea
Forced to hold the world on his shouldersUranus and Gaia
Completed 12 LaborsZeus and Alcmene
Goddess of WisdomZeus and Metis
Goddess of MarriageCronos and Rhea
Phaeacian princess who rescued Odysseus Alcinous and Arete
Goddess of LoveZeus and Dione / Uranus's castrated genitals / ?
God of WarZeus and Hera
Husband of Helen; King of SpartaAtreus and Aerope
Lost the battle over the armor of AchillesTelamon and Periboea
Husband of Clytemnestra; leader of the Greeks at TroyAtreus and Aerope
God of the sun and father of PhaethonUranus and Gaia
Goddess of the HarvestCronos and Rhea
Precursors to Romeo and Juliet: 2 peopleUnknown
DescriptionImportant Person from Greek MythParents
Wily King of IthacaLaertes and Anticleia
Messenger GodZeus and Maia
Personification of nightChaos
King of the Phaecians, gave Odysseus passage homeNausithous
Fell in love with her step son, committed suicideMinos and Pasiphae
Chained to a rock to be devoured by a sea-monsterCepheus and Cassiopeia
Goddess of the moon, fell in love with EndymionUranus and Gaia
Son of Zeus killed in the Trojan War, caused blood rainZeus and Europa
Turned into a rock, lost all 14 of her childrenTantalus
Goddess of witchcraft and cross-roadsPerses and Asteria
Abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bullAgenor and Telephassa
Gives Theseus a ball of yarnMinos and Pasiphae
Personification of Sky, castrated by his sonGaia
King of Troy during the Trojan WarLaomedon and Leucippe (?)
Attempted to rape Leto; has his liver pecked outZeus and Elara
Pious couple turned into a linden & oak tree 2 peopleUnknown
God of the SeaCronos and Rhea
Owner of a cursed necklace; wife of Cadmus Ares and Aphrodite
Married to Neoptolemus and OrestesMenelaus and Helen
King of the GodsCronos and Rhea
Goddess of the HearthCronos and Rhea
Founder of an unlucky house and brother of ThyestesPelops and Hippodamia
Seduced by Zeus as a swanThestius and Eurythemis
Fell in love with his own reflectionCephisus and Liriope
Drove his father's sun chariot, struck down by ZeusHelios and Clymene
God of Music, ProphecyZeus and Leto
Blackness out of which came everythingUmm....
Second wife of Heracles, accidentally killed himOeneus and Althaea
Slept with Zeus disguised as her husband AmphitryonElectryon and Anaxo
Turned into a fly, eaten by Zeus, bore AthenaOceanus and Tethys
Giantess mother of PolyphemusPhorcys and Ceto
Mother of Dionysus, immolatedCadmus and Harmonia
Ate pomegrante seeds in the UnderworldZeus and Demeter
Defeated in a footrace, distracted by golden applesIasus and Clymene
DescriptionImportant Person from Greek MythParents
Mother of Andromeda who boasted of her beautyUranus and Gaia
Spurned witch who killed her two childrenAeetes and Idyia
Mother of Antigone, Ismene, Eteocles, and PolynicesMenoeceus
Ugliest man at TroyAgrius
Dies in chariot accident after false accusations by his step-motherTheseus and Hippolyta
God of the ForgeZeus and Hera
Titan mother of six of the OlympiansUranus and Gaia
'Sing, o muse the wrath of...'Peleus and Thetis
Must roll a rock up a hill every dayAeolus and Aenarete
Slayer of MedusaZeus and Danae
Friend/lover/cousin of AchillesMenoetius
Gave fire to man and was punishedUranus and Gaia
Sentenced to eternal hunger and eternal thirstZeus and Pluto (not the guy)
Slayer of the ChimeraGlaucus/Poseidon and Eurynome
Giver of the Golden Apple, Prince of TroyPriam and Hecuba
Captain of the Argonauts, one sandaled manAeson and Tyro
Leader of the Seven Against ThebesTalaus and Lysimache
Torn apart by his mother and aunts in a frenzyEchion and Agave
God of the UnderworldCronos and Rhea
Carries arrows causing love and hateAres and Aphrodite
Murders his father, marries his motherLaius and Jocasta
Turned into a cow by Hera and guarded by ArgusInachus and Melia
Bore Artemis and ApolloCoeus and Phoebe
Unlucky maiden who died of a snakebite at her weddingApollo
Slayer of the Minotaur, founder of AthensAegeus/Poseidon and Aethra
God of WineZeus and Semele
Best Trojan warrior; husband of AndromachePriam and Hecuba
Sowed dragons' teeth, founder of ThebesAgenor and Telephassa
Titan father of six of the OlympiansUranus and Gaia
Unlucky young sailor who fell off Circe's roofUnknown
Impregnanted by Zeus in the form of golden rainAcrisius and Eurydice
Pursued by the Furies for killing his mother who killed his fatherAgamemnon and Clytemnestra

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