Secret of Mana Baddies

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Can you name the baddies from Secret of Mana?

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LevelBaddieMap Location
1Potos Area
2Potos Area
3Potos Area
4Gaia's Navel Area
5Gaia's Navel
5Gaia's Navel
6Gaia's Navel
7Haunted Forest
8Haunted Forest
8Witch's Castle
9Haunted Forest
10Undine's Cave
11Underground Palace
12Underground Palace
12Underground Palace
13Pandora Ruins
14Pandora Ruins
15Pandora Ruins
16Water Palace
17Upperland Forest
18Upperland Forest
18Upperland Forest
19Upperland Forest
19Moogle Village
20Matango Caves
21Kakkara Desert
21Kakkara Desert
LevelBaddieMap Location
22Kakkara Desert
23Kakkara Desert
24Ice Forest
25Fire Palace
25Ice Forest
26Ice Forest
27Ice Palace
27Fire Palace
27Ice Palace
28Ice Palace
28Fire Palace
28Ice Palace
29Southtown Sewer
30Northtown Ruins
31Northtown Ruins
32Northtown Ruins
33Northtown Ruins
34Imperial Castle
35Imperial Castle
36Imperial Castle
37Lofty Mountains
38Lofty Mountains
39Lofty Mountains
39Palace of Darkness
40Palace of Darkness
41Tower of Light
LevelBaddieMap Location
42Test of Courage
44Test of Courage
45Moon Palace
46Ancient City
47Tree Palace Area
48Ancient City
49Ancient City
50Ancient City
51Tree Palace
52Tree Palace
53Tree Palace
54Tree Palace
55Tree Palace
61Mana Fortress
64Mana Fortress
65Mana Fortress
66Mana Fortress
67Mana Fortress
68Mana Fortress
69Mana Fortress

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