Shadow Hearts: Covenant Characters

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Can you name the characters in Shadow Hearts: Covenant?

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Library #NameHint
Party MemberAbility: Sword Arts
Party MemberAbility: White Magic
Party MemberAbility: Fusion
Party MemberAbility: Marionette
Party MemberAbility: Manifestations
Party MemberAbilities: Muscle Arts, Joachythms
Party MemberAbilities: Tarot Card, Aromatherapy
Party MemberAbilities: Snapshot, Album
Party MemberAbility: Demon Morph
1German army general
2Disembodied light
3SG cleric / false priest
4Possessed #3
5Leader of the Steel Claws
6Girl from Domremy
7Zoologist who founded Wolf Bout
8Traveling tailer
9Traveling merchant
10SG assassin
11'Bandit of Le Havre'
12#11 in bat form
Library #NameHint
13Sea Gull tavern owner
14Orphaned Le Havre girl
15Orphaned Le Havre boy
16Japanese Naval Envoy
17Wrestling mentor
18#17's alter ego
19British operative
20700-year-old sorcerer
21Florentine parlor owner
22Florentine fortuneteller
23Heroine from Shadow Hearts
24'Mad Monk' / Leader of SG
25Possessed #24
26Russian prince
27Russian grand duke
28Tsar's son
29Tsarina of Russia
30Petrograd watchmaker
31Alien invader from outer space in Petrograd
32King Solomon's servant
33Founder of SG
Library #NameHint
34Villain from Shadow Hearts
35Tsar of Russia
36Samurai bodyguard
37Japanese Diplomat
38#37's adopted daughter
39Captain of the battleship Mikasa
40Commander of the Iron Soldiers
41Japanese foreign minister
42Japanese oracle
43Mutant Ape: 'Speak No Evil'
44Mutant Ape: 'Hear No Evil'
45Mutant Ape: 'See No Evil'
46Japanese weapons researcher
47Hero's father
48Inugami village leader
49#41's grandson
50Cursed man/wolf
51#11's sister, in bat form
52#12's brother, in bat form
53WWI spy from Shadow Hearts

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