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QuoteEndingWho said it?
'My heart is so full of hope that it's making me _______.''Katara'
'Did I mention that I'm an incurable _______?''Aang'
'Well, while you do that, maybe I'll capture another _______.''Iroh'
'Does this dress make my butt look _______?''Sokka'
'Oh Jet, you're so _______.''Katara'
'I have important moon duties to take care of. And yes, I did have ________ _______.''Yue'
'I release a sonic wave from my _______.''Toph'
'I wouldn't have cast it any other way! At least I'm not a _______ _______ _______.'Toph
QuoteEndingWho said it?
'What's that? I think it's your _______.''Azula'
'Did Jet just die?' 'You know, it was really _______.'Sokka
'Zuko, we need to have a talk. About your _______. It's gone too far!''Iroh'
'The _______ is not on the wrong side!!!'Zuko
'I hope everyone's ready for the invasion. _______!!!''Sokka'
'Hey Toph, would you say you and Aang have a _______ _______?''Sokka'
'I have to admit, Prince Zuko, I really find you _______.''Katara'

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