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info on person or dateperson or date
founder of salvation army
called prince consort queen victorias husband
soviet leader after stalin
9-11 leader
president who was involved in the watergate scandle
president who lowered the us deficet from reagan
year soviet union ceases to exist as a nation
president blamed for the depression
leader of desert storm
first black bishop of the church of england
first man on moon
year chunnel opened
year thather became prime minster
info on person or dateperson or date
year of persian gulf war
the year the stock market crashed (great depression time)
president who focused on inproving the millitary
year reagen became president
englands longest ruling monarch
cold was from 1945-?
year berlin wall fell down
has been the dictator since 1959
president who was first to visit china and improve realionship
president from georgia who won nobel peace prize
war of words lasted over 40 years
churchill used this reference to describe the split between communism in europe
leader of iraq in 1990s

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