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Abe's hippy name after getting hooked on raisins:
Finish the quote: 'Nothing bad ever happens to ____ ___________!'
Where does Scudworth want to eat lunch with the board of shadowy figures?
What bird does Tom Green pretend to be when talking to Gandhi and Abe about his book on A.D.D.?
According to the head of the Board of Shadowy Figures, what have we all done things we're not proud of after?
What is the name of the test that everyone needs to take at Clone High?
Other than pancake batter, what else is in X-Stream Blu?
Where did Toots intend to go when he wound up at the PTA meeting?
What did Scudworth learn from the MC Hammer 'Behind the Music'?
How thin is the ice Scudworth is told that he is walking on?
What does Gandhi tell Abe to say he agreed to get for JFK's party?
What is Gandhi's reward for finishing his raisin-induced mystical quest?
Who is Mr. Butlertron's robotic nemesis?
Joan of Arc's alias when she poses as a new boy at school:
Who invites Cleo to be on his Spring Break Dance Academy?

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