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Can you name the meaning of these prefixes and suffixes?

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slow (p)
not (p)
without (p)
growth (s)
away from the body (p)
bone (p)
toward the body (p)
joint (p)
two (p)
short (p)
heart (p)
paralysis (s)
pertaining to the wrist (p)
beyond (p)
brain (p)
with (p)
pertaining to the ribs (p)
blood (p)
down (p)
skin (p)
apart (p)
within (p)
on (p)
three (p)
beyond normal (p)
tendon (p)
below normal (p)
below (p)
wide (p)
before (p)
long (p)
muscle (p)
nerve (p)
eye (p)
foot (p)
after (p)
four (p)
backward (p)
half (p)
vertebrae (p)
above (p)
fast (p)
across (p)
to view (s)
relating to (s)
possessing a specific art or skill (s)
to cut out (s)
feeling (s)
under (p)
between (p)
straight/correct (p)
against (p)
healing (s)
condition or disease (s)
one who practices (s)
inflammation (s)
pain (s)
destruction (s)
the study of (s)
disease (s)
breathing (s)
use of heat (s)

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