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Logo DescriptionAuto Maker
This company's name is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, which in turn is the inspiration for it's logo, which is a cluster of six stars on a blue oval.
A ring with a horizontal lightning bolt running through it.
A black circle with short silver wings.
A lion with one paw proped up on a round object.
Simple enough, a red stylized S.
Here's a challenge, this logo has a silver Viking longboat with a red sail on a black background.
Essentially the same, both of these logos are a red griffin's head with a gold crown on a dark blue background. The only differences are the company names and the shape of the logo
A 'Coat-of-Arms' type shield surrounded by a wreath of some sort.
It was supposed to have a 'double D' design, bit it looks more like a flower to me.
A silver square with a red insert and a partial outline of a planet also in silver.
Logo DescriptionAuto Maker
A red dart, or arrowhead, with a thick outline and a 4-point star inside the red area.
Four identical rings, linked together in a row.
A yellow circle with a trianular-ish green shape in the middle,as well as the company name and the founder's interlocked initials in white.
A wide oval encircling most of what could be described as a 'rocket'.
A ribbed gold octagon with the company initials in maroon, as is the octagonal ring.
A black ring with a light-blue and white checkerboard patterned insert.
The logo is a silver plate with two black Rs etched into it, not the famous hood ornament.
Three shields standing up, slightly overlapping each other, enveloped inside a circle.
Primarily a gold 'bow-tie'.
A griffin on a red background holding a flag with a 'V'.

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