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Can you name the celebrity by their top three autocomplete suggestions when you type their name into Google?

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Autocomplete SuggestionsCelebrityCategory
Seinfeld, Stats, ModelSportspeople
Stats, Moneyball, Halle BerrySportspeople
Super Bowl, Commercial, Super Bowl CommercialActors/Actresses
Hair, Twitter, Bicycle KickSportspeople
Stats, Shoe Size, BookSportspeople
National Anthem, Bio, WikiMusicians
Stats, Quotes, Holy CowSportspeople
Golden Globes, Show, TwitterActors/Actresses
Songs, Waka Waka, LyricsMusicians
Brown, Brown University, OxfordActors/Actresses
Movies, Seinfeld, IMDbActors/Actresses
Songs, Respect, FoxwoodsMusicians
Movies, IMDb, JokerActors/Actresses
Songs, Mitt Romney, TourMusicians
Stats, Trial, SteroidsSportspeople
Twitter, SNL, American AirlinesActors/Actresses
Disease, Speech, StatsSportspeople
Autocomplete SuggestionsCelebrityCategory
Songs, Tour, The ScientistMusicians
Punk'd, Twitter, QuotesActors/Actresses
Twitter, Sarah Palin Rap, Net WorthActors/Actresses
Steroids, Hall of Fame, Viagra CommercialSportspeople
Quotes, Stats, IsmsSportspeople
Songs, If I Was President, HaitiMusicians
Injury, Stats, RapeSportspeople
Movies, Family Guy, IMDbActors/Actresses
Scar, Virginity, BabyActors/Actresses
Movies, Feet, Black SwanActors/Actresses
Stats, Error, Error VideoSportspeople
Twitter, Limoncello, HeightActors/Actresses
Twitter, Baseball Reference, FingerSportspeople
Trial, Book, ChildrenSportspeople
Leaked Photos, Plastic Surgery, Saturday Night LiveActors/Actresses
Tour, The Wall, Fenway ParkMusicians

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