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Can you name the movie/TV show other than 'Lost' that IMDb thinks each actor/actress is best known for?

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'Lost' Cast MemberAlso Known For...'Lost' Character
Kiele SanchezNikki Fernandez
Sam AndersonBernard Nadler
François ChauPierre Chang
Zuleikha RobinsonIlana Verdansky
Evangeline LillyKate Austen
Cynthia WatrosElizabeth 'Libby' Smith
Jeff FaheyFrank Lapidus
Michelle RodríguezAna Lucia Cortez
Fionnula FlanaganEloise Hawking
Nestor CarbonellRichard Alpert
Jeremy DaviesDaniel Faraday
John TerryChristian Shephard
Sonya WalgerPenny Widmore
Harold PerrineauMichael Dawson
Maggie GraceShannon Rutherford
Elizabeth MitchellJuliet Burke
Terry O'QuinnJohn Locke
'Lost' Cast MemberAlso Known For...'Lost' Character
Ken LeungMiles Straume
Jorge GarcíaHugo 'Hurley' Reyes
Henry Ian CusickDesmond Hume
Yunjin KimSun-Hwa Kwon
Emilie de RavinClaire Littleton
Michael EmersonBen Linus
L. Scott CaldwellRose Nadler
Naveen AndrewsSayid Jarrah
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeMr. Eko
Malcolm David KelleyWalt Lloyd
Rodrigo SantoroPaulo
Ian SomerhalderBoone Carlyle
Daniel Dae KimJin-Soo Kwon
Dominic MonaghanCharlie Pace
Josh HollowayJames 'Sawyer' Ford
Matthew FoxJack Shephard
Rebecca MaderCharlotte Lewis

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