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Can you name the Spanish translations of these English verbs?

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English Verbs Spanish Verbs
to prefer
to look/to watch
to listen
to know/to meet
to work
to pass/to spend/to happen
to find
to cost
to play/to game
to sleep
to talk/to speak
to walk
to rent
to carry/to lead/to wear
to learn/to acquire
to do/to make
to leave/to go out
to sell
to share
to know/to learn
to eat
to call
to write
to lunch/to have lunch
English Verbs Spanish Verbs
to mount/to ride
to ask/to ask for/to order
to close
to touch/to play
to have
to wait/to hope
to teach
to take/to drink
to bring
to say
to drink/to imbibe
to lower
to upload/to rise
to draw
to end
to pay
to serve
to live
to reach/to get/to arrive
to study
to put/to place
to like/to please
to read
to think
English Verbs Spanish Verbs
to go
to handle/to drive
to start/to begin
to be able to/can
to use
to want
to return
to take/to get/to take out
to run
to answer
to prepare
to believe
to understand
to be/to come
to be/to stay
to come/to come through
to surprise
to forget
to rest
to give
to need
to buy
to see
to practice

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