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After 24Name of the ActorRole in 24
Mom of a very pale teenage girl who likes to play with vampires
Found his fortune as an unbeatable killer with super powers and the went into space
Went on to live in a 70's very swingy neighborhood
Got cast perfectly as the Devil in a short-lived CW show
Had an on-screen affair with an ex mob wife with whom he already worked before
Got cast as the wife of Coach Eric Taylor on a NBC show about high school football
Got a lead in sloppy Sex and the City carbon copy show
Got strainded on a veeeeery misterious island
Appeared in 13 episodes of a highly rated CBS psyco-crime drama
Lead the Battlestar Pegasus plus made people's eyes turn black
Guest starred in shows such as Private Practice and Hawthorne
Is my husband a lizard man from space?
After 24Name of the ActorRole in 24
Mother of [Insert Title Character] Who?
Went on having a friend who talks to dead people, plus she's the voice of a sexy spy
Played a very progressive female priest on ER
Cast as Jenny in a show all men enjoyed watching
Won an Emmy Award for his role on a critically acclaimed FX show
Spread blood all over nice diamonds, plus terrorized the Buy More
Lead in the crime show Line of Fire, plust a bunch of other stuff no one watched
From 24 to a suburbs full of desperate crazy women with secrets
He welcomed people to the OC b***h and then sipped 80 years old McCutcheon
Cast in an ABC show soon to be... forgotten
Cast as the leader of a secret military unit
Got to give a lap dance in a recent Tarantino movie

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