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After 24Name of the ActorRole in 24
Got strainded on a veeeeery misterious island
Got cast perfectly as the Devil in a short-lived CW show
Lead the Battlestar Pegasus plus made people's eyes turn black
Went on having a friend who talks to dead people, plus she's the voice of a sexy spy
Lead in the crime show Line of Fire, plust a bunch of other stuff no one watched
Mother of [Insert Title Character] Who?
Played a very progressive female priest on ER
From 24 to a suburbs full of desperate crazy women with secrets
He welcomed people to the OC b***h and then sipped 80 years old McCutcheon
Found his fortune as an unbeatable killer with super powers and the went into space
Guest starred in shows such as Private Practice and Hawthorne
Appeared in 13 episodes of a highly rated CBS psyco-crime drama
After 24Name of the ActorRole in 24
Won an Emmy Award for his role on a critically acclaimed FX show
Cast as the leader of a secret military unit
Is my husband a lizard man from space?
Went on to live in a 70's very swingy neighborhood
Spread blood all over nice diamonds, plus terrorized the Buy More
Got to give a lap dance in a recent Tarantino movie
Mom of a very pale teenage girl who likes to play with vampires
Cast as Jenny in a show all men enjoyed watching
Had an on-screen affair with an ex mob wife with whom he already worked before
Got a lead in sloppy Sex and the City carbon copy show
Cast in an ABC show soon to be... forgotten
Got cast as the wife of Coach Eric Taylor on a NBC show about high school football

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