Real or Fake: Punk Edition

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Can you name the real punk bands from the fake?

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How to Play
BandSample Song
Billy CrystalAnalyze This
Bad NeighborThumpin' on the Walls
Imaginary HeroesNo Winners
FlipperHa Ha Ha
HorrorPopsFreaks in Uniform
Shark HugsJaws Was my Friend
DystopiaStress Builds Character
Toy DollsJames Bond Lives Down Our Street
Bill GrundySay Something Outrageous
RamonesSheena Was a Punk Rocker
The Bloody HolliesSex, Drugs & Rock N Roll
Empty PagesGeneric Songs
Dog Faced HermansHow Much Vegetation Have You Got?
Hagar the WombDressed to Kill
KafkaEsquireMeta Morphism
Victor Void and the HelloidsH-E-Double-Hell-Sticks
BandSample Song
Mojo NixonBurn Down the Malls
Citizen FishSmells Like Home
Reagan YouthIn Dog We Trust
The VandalsI've Got an Ape Drape
KnuckledustTrust No One
Quiz OverkillWhole Lotta Sporcle
PropaghandiThe Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist
Billy and the BoingersU-Stink-But-I-♥-U
Give Up the GhostThe Last Supper After Party
LagwagonMay 16
Exploding White MiceBurning Red
Irish Today, Hungover TomorrowWhiskey, Women, Wilde
Mohawk Terriers Fetch This
Crossing StreamsTotal Protonic Reversal
Inevitable Extinction ****in' Meteors
Black FlagTV Party
The ReaganitesTrickle Down on You

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