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From the Latin word 'sonus' meaning sound, and 'sonny' a slang word used by Americans to refer to a bright youngster, since the company was sonny boys working in sound and vision.
From the combination of two popular Korean brands, Lucky and Goldstar.
Named from the digestive enzyme pepsin.
Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobile Factory of Turin)
Film and TV production company founded by Adam Sandler, the name is taken from two box office successes.
From the college nickname of founder, Paul Orfalea, for having curly red hair.
Name was invented in 1961 by ice-cream makers Reuben and Rose Mattus of the Bronx 'to convey an aura of the old-world traditions and craftsmanship'
Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works)
From the German for people's car.
Named from the board game Go, it is a Japanese word to describe a position where an opponent's stones are in danger of being captured.
Service games of Japan
Formerly The National Biscuit Company.
Named from a Zulu word that translates as 'humanity to others'.
Derived from the name of an airport on the southwestern part of Chicago.
Named after founder Sam Walton
Alternate spelling of an African antelope
Named from Son of Electronic Printer.
Originally Consumer Value Stores
Named for Sebastian S. Kresge.
Founded by Henry and Helal Hassenfeld, the Hassenfeld Brothers.
Named after founders Roy Allen and Frank Wright
From the Latin word for I Roll.
Named after its founders, Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao.
From pixel and the co-founder's name, Alvy Ray Smith.
The company looked in a dictionary and came across the name. The definition was 'a short burst of inconsequential information', and 'chirps from birds'.
Named after its founders, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn.
Named after its founder, Dick Stack, who opened a bait and tackle shop in 1948 with a $300 gift from his grandmother.
In 1907, Eugène Schueller, a young French chemist, developed an innovative hair-color formula. He called his improved hair dye Auréole.
Games studio named after Mark Webley's pet hamster, which died a week before the company was founded.
From the merger of Yola and Coplait in 1965.
From the 'Aston Hill' races where the company was founded, and the surname of Lionel Martin, the company's founder.
Convenience stores; renamed from 'U-Tote'm' in 1946 to reflect their newly extended hours.
Meaning three stars in Korean
Named for the Greek goddess of victory.
The group was formed around a number of people who provided patch files that had been written for NCSA httpd 1.3. The result after combining them was a patchy server.
Named after a character from Moby Dick.
From its parent company, Southern Pacific Railroad Internal Communications.
A composite of the first letters in the Swedish founder Ingvar Kamprad's name in addition to the first letters of the names of the property and the village in which he grew up.
Combination of the Danish 'leg godt', which means to 'play well'.
The company was earlier known by the name Nippon Sangyo which means 'Japan Industries'.
Named after founder Glen Bell.

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