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We all just want to do our thing, without the misery you bring.
Head first in the shallow end i apologize if i do not care
Betty wont stop listening to modern rock, how she hates to be alone
Give me a reason to end this discussion to break with tradition
Sometimes quicksand has a massive appeal to me
But im too tired to go to sleep tonight, and im to weak to follow dreams tonight.
God damn the liquor's store is closed we were so close to scoring, it hurts and destroys till it kills
If it were anybody else but you i would not be afraid, a total calamity the choices i have made.
I wait, but im too tired to play pretend, I'll suffocate till the end
All matter gret confused and counterfeit, Kamikaze sear the blood inside of me
Do you feel at cartain sense of synergy between yourself and me?
It's always raining caterpillars from a circular fan, and my heart is pounding brightly.
I had some nightmares clawing at my skin and bones, I nearly did exploded.
A tragic tale of all that's yet to come, with fingers crossed there will be love.
It gets cold when she's not around, I float until I sink I'm swallowed up

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