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The guys said if I took the Glee club photo, they'd make me choose between a Hitler mustache and buck teeth. And I can't rock either of those looks.Rachel
We're planning on smacking them down like the hand of God. Will
You're amazing, Mercedes, and you deserve it. I'm gonna hug you now.Mercedes
I'm gonna say this as nice as I can. But you look like a sad clown hooker. Rachel
I empower my Cheerios to live in fear by creating an environment of irrational, random terror. Will
Mr. Schue, kids are busier than when you went here. We've got homework, and football, teen pregnancy... lunch. Will
You think this was hard? Try auditioning for Baywatch and being told they're going in another direction. That was hard.The Cheerios
You sing like a girl. In a good way.Kurt
She's the one they made me talk to when they found out I was keeping that bird in my locker. Santana
Ken has a lot of flaws. He has 74 flaws as of yesterday.Will
I don't really groove on Young MC.Will
I'm all about being a team player. But my family comes first.In a Flashback...
I gotta go load up the guns for the football picture!The Glee Club
I have to go. They'll think I'm pooping.Kurt
We all know I'm more popular than Rachel, and I dress better than her.The Glee Club
QuoteWho Said It?To....
We were just taking a lesson from Major League Baseball. It's not cheating if everyone does it.Finn
I, for one, think intimacy has no place in a marriage. Walked in on my parents once and it was like seeing two walruses wrestling.In her Corner
I bet the duck is in the hat!Santana
I want us to be together, a real couple. I even circled some dates on your crazy calendar.Rachel
What if I were to innocently murder you, Will? I'd still have to go to trial. I'd still probably get off for justifiable homicide.Will
It's my personal tribute to a musical Jewish icon.The Glee Club
You caught me by sneak attack that time, it was like a pearly white harbor. Will
I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat. And then on some dark, cold night I will steal away into your home and puWill
We've got a problem. They're doing all our numbers - the kids are completely freaking out. Artie keeps ramming himself into the wall and I'm pretty sure Jacob will just wet himselfWill
It was a message from God: Rachel was a hot Jew and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants.Himself
Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks.Santana
I can't wait to start singing and dancing and maybe even putting on the Ritz a little bit. The Glee Club
Hey, buddy. Get a haircut? It looks awful.Will
I love the days when I don't wear underwear. Full commando!To Himself....
I've got a full ride to a little school called the University of California in Los Angeles. Maybe you've heard of it. It's in Los Angeles. Rachel

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