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Hottest food west of the MississippiDumb and Dumber
Years Tommy Boy attended schoolTommy Boy
University attended for above tenureTommy Boy
Who bombed Pearl Harbor?Animal House
Champion javelin throwerRevenge of the Nerds
Above's throwing styleRevenge of the Nerds
Oil that Tommy claimed to put into Richard's carTommy Boy
Wearer of 'Wine 'em Dine'em 69'em' hatDumb and Dumber
Rodney Dangerfield's assistantCaddyshack
Name of parade-crashing carAnimal House
Number of wheels on Coach's vehicleRevenge of the Nerds
Mental's health issue Dumb and Dumber
Make of car driven by the JudgeCaddyshack
Tommy's favorite childhood danishesTommy Boy
Airline that Mary flys to ColoradoDumb and Dumber

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