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Can you name the featured things based on the 50's show, I Love Lucy?

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Where did Lucy and Ricky meet?
What movie star did Lucy accidentally get pie on?
What friend of Lucy's has a husband who runs a television studio?
What town was Lucy born in?
Whose footprints did Lucy and Ethel steal from Grauman's Chinese Theatre?
What household appliance did Lucy and Ricky try to sell to the Mertzes in Season 2?
What product does Lucy use to dye her hair red?
When is Lucy's birthday?
What is Ethel's maiden name?
What musical instrument does Lucy claim to play well?
What was the name of the dressing Lucy and Ethel tried to bottle and sell in Season 3?
What is Ricky's zodiac sign?
What was going to be the first film Ricky was to star in? (Before it was shelved)
In what country was Lucy arrested for using counterfeit money?
What state is Fred from?
What was the name of Little Ricky's dog?
Where did Lucy meet Fernando Lamas?
What dish did Ricky and Fred make while Lucy and Ethel were working as candy makers?
What fruit was Tallulah Bankhead allergic to featured in Season 7 that Lucy used to her advantage?
What type of flowers was Lucy growing at her house in Connecticut?

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