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fancy word meaning 2 houses
you must be at least this old to run for president
using the court as a tool of social change
form of democracy in which people people participate elected officials
This kind of vote is the only way to end a filibuster in the senate
Mr. R belongs to which party
this justice created the concept of judicial review
States like Iowa nominate candidates through these more social and time consuming alternatives to primaries
voting an elected official out of office before his/her term is up
more than anything else this influence impacts your political ideology
According to this rule evidence obtained illegally is inadmissable in court
number of years for a senate term
protects Americans from cruel and unusual punishment
(Religious Group) they tend to be be the most liberal religious group
according to Marshall's ruling in the case 'the power to tax is the power to destroy'
corporations, interest groups,and individuals create these to raise money and donate it to political campaigns
these hispanics tend to be Republicans
It is their job to count votes, organize party members in their chamber, etc.
this is ad meant to protect you from an upcoming attack
Rule by an elite few
this committee determines whether amendments can be added, time of debate, etc.
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Many think of this position as the 2nd most powerful person in washington
discimination based on law
when disputes arise between the states and the national government this clause makes the national government right
article of the constitution dealing with the legislative branch
laws that involve race are often subject to this type of scrutiny when they are brought before court
3 men wrote this series of 85 essays defending the constitution
they often produce issue orientated commercials. they can't support a candidate but their commercials often help one candidate over another
some governors have the ability to do this which mean strike down or eliminate part of a bill
this amendment is often cited in cases involving civil rights
this clause in the Constitution is the basis for implied powers
this is the most sophisticated form of putting together a polling sample
discrimination based on culture, living patterns, etc.
Republicans often get their news from this network
labor groups, corporations, and other groups are examples of this type of interest group
the process of acquiring your political beliefs
young people get much of their news from this spoof of the O'Reilly factor
these make up the most numerous forms of government in America
this type of federalism created under reagan attempted to give the power to the states
term for unlimited debate in the senate
this pamphlet enouraged colonists to support the Declaration of Ind.

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