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This view shows a section through offset features with a change in direction of < 90 degrees:
Holes with a secondary enlarged hole with a limited depth & tapered sides:
An exterior, rounded intersection between two surfaces:
Size B paper is:
Height auxiliary views are projected from the ______ view:
A narrow, inclined surface along the intersection of two surfaces:
Weld between a beveled and non-beveled surface:
Parametric design means that all drawings have a _______ base:
Holes with a secondary enlarged hole with a limited depth & straight vertical sides:
Most text height is:
Half scale is:
Weld between two adjacent, beveled parts:
Weld when the groove between the parts forms a U:
Depth auxiliary views are projected from the ______ view:
Process of fastening metal together by bringing abutted surfaces to a molten state:
This view shows sections revolved 90 degrees onto a plane perpendicular to the line of sight:
Measure of angles in a circle:
Hidden lines are omitted in assembly drawings except when needed for:
This is used to describe the interior portions of an object that are otherwise difficult to visualize:
Size A paper is:
A process that uses drill bits to produce holes:
A pattern to improve gripping or bonding between parts:
Most fraction height is:
Double scale is:
A combination of countersinking and counterboring:
A precision process that finishes driller or bored holes, making it smooth:
Used to cut metal stock:
Quarter scale is:
A tool creating threads on an external cylinder:
A precision process that finishes a drilled hole:
Resistance welding made between/upon overlapping members:
A thick line representing the cutting plane, capped with arrows showing the line of sight:
Weld performed all around a feature:
Title blocks should include (somewhat trick question):
Holes with a secondary enlarged hole with a 1/8' depth:
An interior rounded intersection between two surfaces:
An inscribed figure is on the:
Process that pushes/pulls a cutting tool to make a certain shape:
Welding done away from the manufacturing site:
Full scale is:
Weld applied to a butt joint:
Circles with different centers are:
Process using an abrasive wheel to produce tolerances and finishes:
Fractions are ___x the height of whole numbers:
This view shows sections that have been removed from the object:
Degrees can be divided into 60 what?
Weld between a square cut and J-shaped groove:
An inclined edge, not at a right angle to the adjoining surface:
Weld in the interior corner of the angle formed by two pieces of metal:
Used to machine a flat surface:
Weld made in the hole of one piece of metal that is lapped over another piece:
A rotating cutting tool into which a workpiece is fed along 1+ axes:
A tool creating threads on an internal cylinder:
Circles that share a center are:
A complete set of standardized drawing specifying the maufacture and assembly of a product:
This view shows sectioned features that are not aligned:
A circumscribed figure is on the:
Width auxiliary views are projected from the ______ view:
This view shows the object missing a quarter:
Measure of angles in a triangle:
True size and shape are only shown in auxiliary views when the line of sight is _________ to the projection plane:
Thin lines showing where the cutting plane line cut through the material:
Resistance welding using an electric current for the heat at the contact spot:
Bill of materials are used in these two drawings:
A ______ mark should be on the edge view of a surface to be machined:
These auxiliary views only include details for the inclined surface:
Size C paper is:
This view shows the object cut in half:
A stationary cutting tool with a moving workpiece:
This view shows a small portion of the part that was broken away, to expose/clarify a feature:

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