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Is dramatic ironey used?Yes or No answer
What are the Birling's celebrating when the Inspector calls?It is centered around the youngest character
Who is the male alternative to eva smith according to the inspector?
What did Birling to eva do?
Why did Birling fire Eva?If using a sum of money, write the entire word, i.e pounds, pennies
Who went for a walk?
What did Shelia do?She got eva ..... from ....... (the two words missing)
At the end, are Gerald and Shlia still engaged?Yes or No answer
What does Eva change her name to?She uses this name when she meets Gerald
Which season did gerald not go near shelia?
When Gerald rang the infirmary, had a girl died?Yes or No answer
If a character was going to represent Priestley, who would it be?
At the end of the inspectors final speech, who is the most powerful?
helpful hintsanswer hereextra info
How many acts were there?A number
He also claims that the titanic won't sink, is this true?Yes or No answer
What does Arthur boast about to Gerald?A position close to the queen/king
Who got Eva pregnant?A guy =)
Who is the first to be inspected?
Who finished Eva off?
How did Eva Smith die?
Who commited the only real crime?
In Arthurs first speecehes, he claims there will be peace, is this true?Yes or No answer
Who is the most affected at the end?
Were Gerald's actions nice or nasty to start with?
What was the girl's original name?Whilst she worked at the factory
Does Eric drink a lot?Yes or no answer

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