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Be late...
And dressed a bit skanky?
Going to a?
Because you needed these for your car?
Where ships dock
Spot these on your skin
The dead burn on these...
Electricity needs these to flow
Red or white?
Turn it up or blow it away?
Discovers something...
...Of monetary value
When your tank ruptures, you need these
College students usually play in these
Harry and his friends all have them
You find them in hospitals
Use them to fill in these ladders
Under ground tunnel excavators
Heats up
Played beautifully by King David
Something fishy
Either peace or marine
Which sounds like apples?
Order some to drink with dinner
Tell these to lighten the mood
Tie your oxen together with them
Exclamation of fear!
More fishy goings on...
Longing for trees?
When answer 25 is used inappropriately for...
Paper you write on
Facebook made me do it...
Stands on two legs

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