Negative Ions by Name

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Can you name the Negative Ions from their name?

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Acetate ion
Oxalate ion
Carbide ion
Cyanide Ion
Carbonate ion
Hydrogen carbonate(Bicarbonate) ion
Borate ion
Bromide ion
Bromate ion
Perchlorate ion
Chlorate ion
Chlorite ion
Hypochlorite ion
Chloride ion
Chromate ion
Dichromate ion
Flouride ion
Hydride ion
Hydroxide ion
Oxide ion
Peroxide ion
Iodate ion
Nitrate ion
Nitrite ion
Nitride ion
Permanganate ion
Phosphate ion
Phosphite ion
Phosphide ion
Sulfate ion
Sulfite ion
Sulfide ion
Thiocyanate ion
Thiosulfate ion

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