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Special CharacterTV Show TitleHint
Question Mark (?)Drew Carey's improv show
Ampersand, Apostrophe and En Dash (&,',-)Pre-SNL goof-fest for Hawn, Tomlin and Buzzi
Apostrophe and Exclamation Point (',!)It's Amazing, It's John Davidson...
Virgule (/)Barbara Walters (not on Oscar night)
Ampersand and En Dash (&,-)Mike Judge, he-heh
Period (.)He's the butler!
Dollar Sign ($)Robert Urich's in the desert
Apostrophe and Question Mark (',?)Tony keeps house
Colon (:)Post-'Mission: Impossible' acting couple
Two Periods (.)One of my two dads and an ape
Dollar Sign and Decimal Point ($,.Rip Taylor at his most flamboyant (After-Gong)
En Dash (-)Mulder & Scully get freaky.
Ampersand (&)What about Jack and Karen?
Period and Comma (.,)Frontier-Feminist Seymour
Ellipsis (...)The Bundy Bunch?
Comma and Two Periods (,.)Hairy-chested Hawaiian
Comma (,)Burt Convy hosted Pictionary game show
Special CharacterTV Show TitleHint
Apostrophe, Em Dash and another Apostrophe (', --)Gomez Addams before the Family (sorry for this one)
Question Mark and Comma (?,)Muldoon and Toody are inept cops in '61
Five Periods (.)60's Cold War spy saga
Three Asterisks (*)Korean kitsch?
Quotations Marks (?)Natalie's dad's musical/variety of the 50's
Apostrophe (')Whatchutalk'nabout, Willis?
Colon (:)Gritty Baltimore '90's cop drama
Two Single Quotes (')Title Characters were members of the Mystic Knights of the Sea in '51
Three Ampersands (&)Tough 1: 70's film to TV failure with Bob Urich
Four Periods (.)Dennis Franz's behind the Gotham Cops
Apostrophe and Two Exclamation Marks (',!)Rerun and Raj, and Dwayne.
Comma, Em Dash (,--)70's Miniseries w/Strauss and Nolte (followed by Book II)
Ampersand and Em Dash (&,--)Full name of Teri and Dean's Kent-fest.
En Dash, Comma and Ampersand (-,&)Rickles' 1984 ripoff of Bloopers & Practical Jokes
Dollar Sign and Comma ($,)Bill Cullen's 1971 game show (other versions hosted by Dick Clark and Donny Osmond)
Exclamation Point (!)Alex's Answers
Colon (:)Pre-'Space: 1999' acting couple - remade as Tom Cruise blockbuster

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