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Special CharacterTV Show TitleHint
Colon (:)Post-'Mission: Impossible' acting couple
Ampersand and En Dash (&,-)Mike Judge, he-heh
Question Mark (?)Drew Carey's improv show
Three Ampersands (&)Tough 1: 70's film to TV failure with Bob Urich
Ampersand and Em Dash (&,--)Full name of Teri and Dean's Kent-fest.
Apostrophe and Exclamation Point (',!)It's Amazing, It's John Davidson...
Comma, Em Dash (,--)70's Miniseries w/Strauss and Nolte (followed by Book II)
Comma and Two Periods (,.)Hairy-chested Hawaiian
En Dash, Comma and Ampersand (-,&)Rickles' 1984 ripoff of Bloopers & Practical Jokes
Dollar Sign ($)Robert Urich's in the desert
Dollar Sign and Decimal Point ($,.Rip Taylor at his most flamboyant (After-Gong)
Ellipsis (...)The Bundy Bunch?
Ampersand, Apostrophe and En Dash (&,',-)Pre-SNL goof-fest for Hawn, Tomlin and Buzzi
Two Periods (.)One of my two dads and an ape
Apostrophe and Question Mark (',?)Tony keeps house
En Dash (-)Mulder & Scully get freaky.
Four Periods (.)Dennis Franz's behind the Gotham Cops
Special CharacterTV Show TitleHint
Colon (:)Pre-'Space: 1999' acting couple - remade as Tom Cruise blockbuster
Apostrophe (')Whatchutalk'nabout, Willis?
Apostrophe and Two Exclamation Marks (',!)Rerun and Raj, and Dwayne.
Colon (:)Gritty Baltimore '90's cop drama
Virgule (/)Barbara Walters (not on Oscar night)
Comma (,)Burt Convy hosted Pictionary game show
Three Asterisks (*)Korean kitsch?
Quotations Marks (?)Natalie's dad's musical/variety of the 50's
Apostrophe, Em Dash and another Apostrophe (', --)Gomez Addams before the Family (sorry for this one)
Ampersand (&)What about Jack and Karen?
Two Single Quotes (')Title Characters were members of the Mystic Knights of the Sea in '51
Question Mark and Comma (?,)Muldoon and Toody are inept cops in '61
Period (.)He's the butler!
Dollar Sign and Comma ($,)Bill Cullen's 1971 game show (other versions hosted by Dick Clark and Donny Osmond)
Exclamation Point (!)Alex's Answers
Five Periods (.)60's Cold War spy saga
Period and Comma (.,)Frontier-Feminist Seymour

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