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Can you name the TV Titles with Womens or Girls names?

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ActorsYear of Premier
Miley Cyrus's alter-ego2006
Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams in spin off classic1976
Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her show about nothing2006
Toni Collette has multiple personalities2009
Diahann Carroll and Lloyd Nolan in medical comedy1966
Edie Falco in medical comedy2009
Cloris Leachman in San Franciso1975
Sarah Michelle Gellar kills demons1997
Hattie McDaniel as the common-sense domestic1950
Ms. Barr/Arnold's show1988
ActorsYear of Premier
Valerie Harper goes home to New York1974
Amy Brenneman lists on the bench1999
Calista Flockhart in offbeat law comedy1997
Brooke Shields sit com set in magazine publishing1996
Donna Pescow, Robert Hays and Doris Roberts1979
Louise Lasser in soap opera spoof set in Fernwood1976
Linda Lavin waits tables in a Phoenix diner1976
Shirley Booth as the common sense domestic1961
Lea Thompson and Malcolm Gets1995
Theresa Graves as street-wise undercover cop.1974

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