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Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey, Jr (1987)Oh, you're gonna hate me for this one
Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier (1960)Slave does battle
Kevin Sorbo and Carmen Electra (2008)Somehow I don't think the Persians expected this.
Charlie Sheen and Lloyd Bridges (1993)Not really a french film
Steve Buscemi and John Bolger (1986)Brief looks as we go our separate ways
Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine (1960)Billy Wilder classic
Elliott Gould and Christopher Plummer (1978)When you don't get a say in the deal, you're ...
Erik Roberts and Gregory Harrison (1996)...and I'll Cry if I want to
Tom Hanks and Adrian Zmed (1984)Tom was very funny before he got serious.
John Hurt and Ryan O'Neal (1982)Those who go into business together
Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell-Martin (1990)If they get caught it's all over. If they don't, it's just the beginning!
Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon (2006)He's already left

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