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Can you name the countries based on the facts related to the Big 4 sports team names?

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Team NameCountryFact
BengalsLargest wild bengal tiger population
OilersLargest daily oil production
SaintsMost Roman Catholic saints
BucksLargest deer population
LightningMost lightning strikes per year
AvalancheMost economic damage from avalanches
Lakers*Most lakes
LionsLargest lion population
JetsMost airlines and fighter aircraft
GrizzliesLargest grizzly bear population
HeatHottest average temperature
CanucksMost Canucks
EaglesLargest eagle population
Team NameCountryFact
CelticsMost speakers of Celtic languages
HornetsMost human deaths from hornets
RocketsMost rockets launched
Blue JaysLargest blue jay population
CardinalsMost Roman Catholic cardinals
BrewersMost breweries
Twins*Largest rate of twins
TigersLargest wild tiger population
SharksMost shark attacks per year
PenguinsMost species of penguins
JaguarsLargest jaguar population
CapitalsMost capitals
Vikings*Origin of the Viking people

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